Rape cases high among juveniles

Rwanda, July 2009

Statistics have shown that rape and defilement cases stand at 90% of the cases committed by the juveniles who are currently getting legal aid in the Northern province.This was revealed during the ongoing Legal Aid Week which has enabled the juveniles and vulnerable children get free legal representation in court.

On Tuesday, 20 juvenile cases which were tried in Musanze Grand Instance Court involved rape, while on Monday 10 out of 14 cases tried were also related to rape and defilement. A few cases were to do with robbery.

The coordinator of Legal Aid activities in the province, Gasana Rwangeyo, said the exercise will speed up the completion of a backlog of cases involving juveniles while administering justice.
Some of the court proceedings were held within the public audience in Gakenke and Burera districts. They were all related to rape.

One of the beneficiaries of the free legal aid included a 19-year old Ruhirwa, who was acquitted of the rape charges.

The presiding judge, Izabella Riziki, who is the president of the Grand Instance Court in Musanze dismissed the case because prosecution failed to provide enough evidence.
Speaking to The New Times shortly after being set free, Ruhirwa expressed relief.

“I feel rescued, because this case has been pending since 2002, when my former employees alleged that I raped their daughter but failed to produce evidence to prove it,’’ he said.
618 children from prisons countrywide are expected to acquire fair legal hearing and legal information on a day to-day basis.
In the trial of another suspect, Nkundakozera Mbarushimana whose case has been pending since 2000, the judge postponed hearing after documents showed that he was 13 when he committed the crime, yet prosecution had a different birth date.

Mbarushimana is accused of defiling a four-year old girl.
The program which is supported by various organisations including UNICEF, UNDP aims at creating awareness on the convention of the rights of children.

Murder At Ashieyie

The Ghanaian Times

A 32-year-old man was shot dead and two others injured when a group of landguards attacked them at Ashieyie, Adentan near Accra at the weekend.

The deceased, only identified as Awal, and the other victims, Ofori and Kojo Abankwan of Irroko Company were attacked in their vehicle on their way to work at Ashieyie.

The gang shot through their Land Rover vehicle with registration GE 749 W, smashing the glasses.

Police sources believed the attack might be linked to a land dispute.

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The Adentan District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, told The Ghanaian Times that, Abankwan and Ofori are currently in coma and receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

He said on April 26, at about 4 p.m., the police had information that a Francis Alalemo of Amanfrom and a group of landguards had attacked and shot the owner of Irroko Company and other victims.

He said when the police got to the scene, they saw Awal’s body in a bush, about 300 metres from the Land Rover.

DSP Ahiatafu said there had been a land dispute between Ashieyie Amanfrom and Katamanso involving a piece of land on which Mr. Ofori had been residing for years.

He said Awal’s body has been deposited at the Police morgue.

He said so far, no arrest had been made, adding that the police would do everything possible to bring the culprits to book.

DSP Ahiatafu urged the public to assist the police with information to arrest the perpetrators.

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An Interview With The Man Who Sold An 18-Year-Old’s Virginity For $2.4 Million

Jan Zakobielski is 26, lives in Dortmund, Germany, and is perhaps best known for having sold an 18-year-old’s virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for a reported $2.4 million.

As the man behind Cinderella Escorts, he’s made headlines around the world by helping young women sell their virginity to the highest bidder. His business, he says, is the “Worlds Most Famous Escort Agency Cinderella Escorts.”

Most recently, he masterminded the multimillion dollar sale of Alexandra Khefren’s virginity. The Romanian teen told The Star: “I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway.”

Reportedly, the unnamed businessman from Hong Kong will meet with Khefren, 18, in Germany. After speaking with him on the phone, she described him as “very friendly.” She has said she got the idea from watching “Indecent Proposal,” the 1993 film starring Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Redford.

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In an interview I conducted through email, Zakobielski reveals why his clients are willing to pay big bucks for virginities, whether or not he’s a pimp, and the reason he has the women see a psychiatrist.

As for his next virgin, he reveals: She’s an American.

Why do your clients want to have sex with virgins?

I think not everyone have the same Reasons for it. But generelly a lot of rich men like exklusive things. What makes thinks exklusive? That not everyone can have it. For example a very old Wine or a luxury car which is just produced 100 Times. A woman can give just one time her Virginity and she hold it for at minimum 18 Years. Further demand determines the offer. There are much more Men who want a Virgin than Virgins who want to give there Virginity to a older men.

How does the client know the girl is a virgin?

First of all we dont acceppt Virgins without a Certificate. But to be 100 percent sure he can go with her to a doctor of his trust in his country and check her again.

Why do you have the women see a psychiatrist?

You can not get your Virginity back when it is lost one time. Of course there are politician who make laws and decided that if you are 18 you can make decisions by yourself. But lets not forget that there are 18 year old Girls outsite who are still childish or may have psychological Problems. We would never accept an auction with a Girl who is not adult enough to know excactly what she do or who is psychologically not okay. So we have first to check that.

Why do you think the businessman in Hong Kong was willing to pay $2.3M for Kehfren’s virginity?

As i said before. Demand determines the offer.

How did you come up with this idea of selling virginities on the market?

A Girl told me that she is searching for it. I told her that its unsecure without Agency, because she is alone and there are not just good man outsite. Maybe someone would take her Virginity and leave without Money for example. So i offered her that i can try to sell it officially over my Agency. And the result was that we saw there are a lot of men who are interested from all over the World.

What percentage do you take of the deal?

20 Percantage.

Do you consider yourself a “pimp,” as some have written, or a businessman?

I never read that. A pimp is someone who exploy woman. I am a businessman and everyone can make his own opinion if its better to sell it with an officiall and legal Agency which is famous and there for has a lot of public attention so work professional and keep sure the Girls are Protected or to let Girls search alone for a Buyer and at the end maybe get to know some criminals who force her or sell her on black market. There are a lot of Criminal Organisations out there and i think the Press should warn Girls about that and give them the advice just to sell it over officiall und professional Agencys who are under the Public Attention. I think it would be naiv to think that if we dont give her a plattform she will not search for another way to sell it. We just give people a Platform who already have this idea in their mind.

How has the worldwide coverage of Kehfren’s story impacted your business?

We dont become worlds most famous Agency because of one Single Auction. We sold already before Virgins. For example Lolita for 600.000 Euro. And we become famous because we make Auctions also with Celebritys like famous Playmates, Actress and Model.

For example we sold a Playmate for 36.000 Euro a Night as you can read on a lot of newspapers. But also our normal Escorts are international Model and there for we have even Politicians and Hollywood Stars booking in our Agency. But i have to stay discreet and there for i can not tell you names of them sorry.

Can you tell me about the American virgin in New York City whose virginity you’ll be selling next?

She told us that to live in NYC is very expensive and she still dont find the right man. So she thinks the easiest way to get a lot of money is to sell her Virginity over our Website Cinderella Escorts.

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