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Physically Challenged Arrested For Rape

Ghana, November 2016

Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit

Sumailah Alhassan, a 38-year-old physically challenged, who was arrested by the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command for allegedly raping a seamstress, has been remanded into police custody by a Tema Court.

The docket has subsequently been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Department for advice.

The spokeswoman of the Tema Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Juliana Obeng, who confirmed the story to DAILY GUIDE, said on October 13, 2016 at about 10 am, the complainant travelled to the suspect’s house at Newtown in Ashaiman, to ask him to look for room for the friend to rent.

The victim met the suspect and his friend in the room, but the friend excused both of them after some time.

The suspect then went out to buy drink for the victim, who was once his co-tenant.

According to reports, when the suspect came back, he saw the lady lying prostrate in the room.

Alhassan quickly locked the door and fondled her buttocks before giving her the drink, but the victim become furious and him to desist from such nefarious behaviour.

The suspect reportedly pounced on the woman on the floor and undressed her.

He managed to overpower the victim during a fierce struggle and forcibly had sexual intercourse.

A formal complaint was lodged with DOVVSU in Ashaiman who issued police medical report to the victim to attend hospital for examination.


Gynecologist Accused of Raping Inmate’s Wife in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, August 2015

A male doctor employed by La Caja, Costa Rica’s public healthcare system, is currently taking safety precautions after being accused of rape by the wife of an inmate serving a prison sentence at La Reforma, the nation’s largest correctional facility.

According to a report filed by Manuel Estrada of daily tabloid Diario Extra, a woman by the last name of Zeledon has filed a criminal complaint against a gynecologist assigned to the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela. The news report published by Diario Extra explains that Ms. Zeledon recently arrived at La Reforma, also located in the province of Alajuela, to enjoy a conjugal visit with her husband. Ms. Zeledon has apprently made this type of visitation several times in the past; this time, however, she was singled out for allegedly bringing drugs into prison.

In her complaint, Ms. Zeledon claims that she arrived before 2:00 pm for the conjugal visit, and that she was placed in a line so that a Rambo, a K-9 officer, could sniff her purse and other belongings that are allowed in these visits, such as sheets, towels, prophylactics, lubricants, marital aids, hygiene products, etc. Although the K-9 officer did not detect anything at that point, Ms. Zeledon claims that all other visitors were allowed to enter while she was taken to an isolated cubicle, where she was informed by three male corrections officers that she had been singled out as a drug smuggler. At that point they brought the K-9 Rambo back to sniff around her genitals and rectum. Once again, there was no detection.

The woman was reportedly taken to the prosecutor’s office near downtown Alajuela, where she was subject to an X-ray examination, which did not reveal anything unusual. The prosecutors did not file charges and released the woman back to the custody of the corrections officers, who took her to the San Rafael Hospital, a busy public medical center in Costa Rica. At that point, the woman began to complain, which resulted in handcuffs being applied.

Once at the hospital, a gynecologist was informed that Rambo and an X-ray examination had failed to produce evidence of drug smuggling; nonetheless, the doctor left the patient he was seeing at that time and proceeded to conduct a vaginal and anal examination on Ms. Zeledon, who then complained of rape. The presence of a female medical staff member during this examination was not reported by Diario Extra.

Ms. Zeledon has filed a criminal complaint against the doctor as well as a civil lawsuit. Due to recent investigations into a number of alleged contract killings ordered by prisoners within La Reforma, the identity of the doctor is being withheld.


Serial Rapist Arrested in Nuevo Tocumen

Panama, November 2011

A suspected serial rapist was arrested by detectives of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) in Nuevo Tocumen on Thursday afternoon near a shop located in block 3 of Felipillo. Four complaints have been filed against the suspect, nicknamed “Jeremy”, 20, which have been filed with the Sex Crimes Unit of the DIJ for the crime of carnal rape to the detriment of four adult women. It is presumed there are several other victims who have not reported rapes because of threats made against them, a police source said. The suspect was arrested and is being held under orders of the Auxiliary Prosecutor of the Republic for investigation and prosecution. Rape is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment under Panamanian law. The authorities are asking the community to report these kinds of crimes. (Critica)


Man sentenced to 20 years in prison for murdering man who raped him twice

Israel, December 2013

Man claims his Ethiopian background made it impossible for him to live while rapist still alive.

The Lod District Court on Sunday sentenced Yonatan Hiyalo to 20 years in prison for the murder of Yaron Ayalon, who Hiyalo claimed, and the prosecution did not deny, had raped him twice in the past.

Hiyalo, a 24-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli, has said Ayalon’s past raping of him plus a claim of self-defense should serve as a complete defense to the murder charge.

He had added that, after being raped, his Ethiopian background made it untenable for him to live while Ayalon was still alive.

Hiyalo also said that Ayalon had stolen money from him, physically abused him and used extortion against him.

Neither the prosecution nor the court accepted Hiyalo’s fundamental argument: that his being raped justified or at least excused the murder.

Both cited that several weeks, had passed between the rapes and the murder, such that the two could not be connected and that there was no viable self-defense claim.

Rather, the court said that despite Hiyalo’s lawyer’s protest that a young Ethiopian man of his background would never report being raped by another man to the authorities, Hiyalo’s recourse should have been to bring charges against Ayalon.

However, in light of that background and other factors, the 20-year prison sentence was a reduced sentence from the life imprisonment that Hiyalo could have faced.

Several character witnesses, Hiyalo’s sister and her husband, as well as a Chabad rabbi who observed him while under house arrest, all testified that he was a good, calm person who posed no danger to society.

The murder occurred in May 2010 with Hiyalo strangling Ayalon and then brutally breaking his head with a rock.

Hiyalo confessed to the crime and reenacted it for the police.


Indian police arrest two over gang rape of Israeli woman

India, July 2016

25-year-old Israeli tourist was raped after being lured into what she thought was a taxi in popular Himalayan resort town.

Indian police on Monday arrested two men suspected of raping a 25-year-old Israeli tourist in the popular northern Himalayan resort town of Manali, local officers said.

The arrests were made following a complaint by the woman that she was attacked early Sunday after flagging down what she thought was a taxi and asking for a lift to a nearby town.

“Two of the six accused of raping an Israeli national have been arrested. Both the men are locals,” said Sanjay Kumar, the police chief of Himachal Pradesh state.

“A search operation is on to arrest the remaining four accused. The vehicle involved in the crime has also been recovered,” Kumar added.

Earlier Monday police Superintendent Padam Chand said the woman had alleged that there were six people in the car, two of whom raped her before fleeing.

The woman had been trying to meet up with friends who had already left for the nearby town of Keylong after they all arrived in Manali a few days earlier.

Police viewed CCTV footage of the streets of Manali, popular both with holidaying foreigners and Indians, to help identify the suspects.

The woman was being treated in hospital after she reported the attack, which took place at about 3am, at the Manali police station later on Sunday.

“She is being shifted today to a bigger hospital in Mandi town to carry out a proper medical examination,” Gandhi Ram, another police officer in Manali, said by phone.

India toughened punishments for rapists as part of an overhaul of sexual assault laws in the wake of a fatal gang-rape in 2012 that shone a global spotlight on frightening levels of violence against women in the country.

But rape and sexual assault remain commonplace, with incidents hitting the headlines on an almost daily basis.

An American woman was raped in Manali in 2013 by three men when she took a ride with them in a truck. In 2012 an Australian woman was also raped in the same area, located in the picturesque Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh state.

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